Imagination for People hosts and animates collaborative groups focusing on various issues and topics related to social innovation. These groups are organized by theme  such as Hybrid Business Models (fr), Fab Labs (fr), Collaborative Animation (fr) or Correspondants InnovAfrica (fr). Others belong to geographic locations like IP Burkina Faso (fr), Rhone-Alpes (fr) and Montreal Creative (fr/en).

The Imagination for People team also uses the groups to interact with members of the community interested in helping us improve the platform. Today, two bilingual groups (English & French) have been created. 

Imagination for People project groups

  • Design -  This group works on the UI/UX aspect of the platform. Make IP more user friendly, define user needs and test new features
  • Dev - Help us write software for Imagination for People by fixing bugs or sending patches.

While most of our groups so far are directed to a French-speaking community, rest assured that English (and eventually Spanish or even Arabic) language based groups will be coming shortly. 

You can access all the French-based groups here

You can also request to start a group on a topic of your choice (well... as long as it's related to social innovation or social entrepreneurship) and take the leadership for a specific theme or region. Think this might interest you? Send your ideas or questions by email to

How the groups work

The groups seek to bring together a community interested by the same topic or coming from the same geographic location. From these groups you can:

  • Access/link projects related to the group
  • Use the discussion tab to ask your questions, answer others or just have an informal chat
  • Join a mailing list (available for the groups which have requested it) to discuss specific subjects or use collaborative intelligence to solve a problem

Imagination for People is also working on a tool and online collaborative animated group interface (Assembl) whose goal is to product collective intelligence on the following themes:

  • Issues shared by about 100 people (technical questions – for example, how to better finance social innovation?)
  • Resources by several hundred people (methodologies, guides, FAQ’s, how to’s, etc.)
  • Challenge several though people (social or general public society issues)

These resources, project contributions or descriptions will be implemented thanks to an organizational methodology specifically structured in stages and with an orchestrator, administrator and, if needed, mapmaker. Members of the groups or platform users will have access to applications allowing them to co-write in real-time points of view, reports and collective summaries. Finally, the tool will allow for the created knowledge to be represented visually with mindmaps, visual maps or standard mapping elements.