Forum InnovAfrica Ouaga 2011


InnovAfrica # 4: innovation through experimentation


African Innovation Festival from the 26th to the 30th of  November 2012

in Dakar (Senegal) at International School of Management.

The InnovAfrica Forum is an event for networking holders with initiatives on innovative uses of the South in terms of technology and social innovation for development. This year's theme is "innovation through experimentation."

The philosophy of this fourth edition is not only to transfer knowledge to its participants, but also and above all to enable these participants to become the actors who will improve the world of tomorrow. Whether through the "do it yourself" digital manufacturing, participatory mapping, electronics open the dissemination and sharing of knowledge, installation of innovative projects, complementary currencies, or the production of short, all participants in the forum will practice and create their own social and digital innovations.


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Comprehensive Program

Explorcamp Discover the building blocks of new uses of the Internet, according to a journey that will take us from table to table presentations of 30 minutes

Monday, November 26, from 9am to 12am

Meets innovation in online and mobile services 
even without prior knowledge, participants will develop practical services accessible by web, phone and SMS with Christelle Scharff  (UCAD),  the team and the platform of Emerginov Orange. [Parallel meetings]

Monday november  26 , afternoon to  wednesday 28 , 12AM

Meeting of french speaking Fab Labs 
How to Organize a French fablab,  how to make connections between ourselves ?  Following the previous week bootcamp, various workshops will also be organized. [Parallel meetings]

Monday november  26 , afternoon to  wednesday 28 , 12AM

Meeting "Territories and Governance"  
Discover innovative uses for the territories and in the field of governance. The topics covered are agriculture, biodiversity, energy, urban planning and cities, and finally digital participatory mapping. [Parallel meetings]

Monday november  26 , afternoon to  wednesday 28 , 12AM
practical workshop  an afternoon to discover a domain or application.      

Wednesday 28 from 2 pm to 5 pm

Carrefour des Possibles Africa 3rd Carrefour des Possibles Saharan Africa (Fing and OIF, the French Cultural Centre) Presentation of 10 African projects on the uses of information technology and communication

Wednesday November 28 th at 7 pm

Cooperation and governance  Plenary Session: cooperate to succeed (organized by CIRAD and Networking Tools) How to develop cooperation within and between our projects.

Thursday November 29th from 12am to 5 pm

Economic models new business models (organized by Imagination for People, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, ICTC and Orange)

Friday November 30th, from 10am to 12 am

Closing Session 

Start session: what'll we do when we return home?

Friday November 30th, from 2 pm to 5 pm


The Parallel Meetings

Several parallel meetings are planned during the forum InnovAfrica, four half-days on Monday afternoon at 26 noon  to Wednesday November  28th. To participate in these meetings, please subscribe to one of them below.

  • Meeting innovation in online and mobile services. 
  • Meeting french speaking Fab Lab
  • Meeting Territories and Governance

Off  of the forum InnovAfrica:

 Bootcamp and Cartocamp : from tuesday November 20th to Saturday November  24th

InnovAfrica off  of the forum is a week of preliminary workshop co-design and co-production.

  • Fab Lab Bootcamp (Jokko Fab Lab, Imagination for People, OIF)

Five days where we learn together how to build machines and to equip our Fab Labs. Last year we built two CNC milling machines and discovered the Arduino kit for adding sensors and actuators objects.

If you would like to participate, send an email to

  • Cartocamp (Imagination for People, UNDP and OIF)

Five days to develop together under the open source framework Django mapping tools that will be presented during the meeting "Territories and Governance" at the forum InnovAfrica.

If you want to participate, send an email to