Join the discussion on social innovation

Last update on 四月 3, 2013.

Join the discussion on social innovation

You have questions about urban farming, fab labs, using new technologies in developing countries, the most advanced environmental projects or developing so-called smart cities. You question the marriage of market and non-market values in businesses with a social vocation. You want to know more about impact investing concepts, venture philanthropy and complementary currencies.

Imagination for People is launching a new discussion space dedicated to social innovation. It will allow you to join a community of creative citizens with the desire of improving the world we live in. It’s a good way to be with people sharing your interested in social innovation and to give yourself a chance to learn with your peers on a variety of topics.

How does the forum work?

We all have knowledge others can benefit from. Each one of your experiences is unique and because of them, you can bring value to the topics being discussed. Your answers can be brief or more elaborate. The community will vote for the answers that are most relevant, thereby allowing you to read the best ones first. The community will, consequently, come out stronger than the individual expertise of each of its members. Simultaneously, you will also have the chance to ask all your questions about related topics in social innovation and in that way benefit from the community’s own expertise.

You can access the space through the “Discussions” tab in the “Communities” general menu. The most recent questions and the ones that received the most votes will be found at the top. A keyword and thematic (tag) search engine will allow to find previous asked questions. 

This exchange space intends to be a more informal place where you can ask the community complex as well as simple and lighter questions. This is a place where you will meet and interact with other people interested in the same topics as you. There isn’t anything better than meaningful get-togethers. And maybe you will even create new partnerships and friendships!






  1. Bethany Morris

    Bethany Morris 04/22/2013 11:42 a.m. #

    If we are really concerned about the social issues, we definitely need to discuss the things and find solutions for it. It is one of those ways we can contribute socially.
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  2. Corinne Havard

    Corinne Havard 05/08/2013 5:19 p.m. #

    Hi Bethany,
    Completely agree with you! This is one of the reasons we've launched the forum!

    We'll also be launching a collective intelligence tool this summer (well... the beta version for now). Updates will be posted on the blog! ;)





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