Weekend Readings - Failing as a Social Entrepreneur

Last update on 二月 15, 2013.

Weekend Readings - Failing as a Social Entrepreneur

We seldom want to talk about our failures, and yet, it is a crucial process. Every entrepreneur fails, including social entrepreneurs. Like a child who will fall before learning to walk and then run, it truely is by failing that we learn best. Failure in itself isn't a bad thing, as long as we take the time to look back on what happened and learn from it. Here are stories about failing, and about learning from one's mistake. 


You know what Ashoka had to say about failure? Every Ashoka Fellow Experiences Failure - and that's ok To foster innovation, one needs to overcome their fear of failure. And so, social entrepreneurs. Fail and fail and fail again. And get back up everytime. And you might be surprise by how far failure will get you.


According to this Forbes' article, failure is key to success, or rather studying these misfortune is key to success. Did you know there even existed an event in the San Francisco Bay area dedicated to failure, mostly in tech entrepreneurship? Maybe something the social entrepreneurship could be looking at! In the mean time, maybe some of their top reasons why entrepreneurs fail could be useful.


Truth is, the importance of failure seemed to have been on everyone's lips this week. The Guardian wrote about Why we must talk more about failure in social enterprise. David Dawes commented that "Social entrepreneurs who have failed are likely to be more innovative, can be better at managing cash flow and even more attractive to certain investors."


When we refuse to admit failure, we're refusing to learn the lessons attached to it. That is were we loose. Fortunately, the articles published this past week might be a first movement towards countering this fear of failure. After all, this week Mike McGall in Lessons from a Failed Social Entrepreneur decided to open up about his failures and what he has learned from them. In the mean time we can ask ourselves: Are Social Entrepreneurs failing to fail?


I'd like to finish of by quoting an article I read a few weeks back which, I believe, might put some of our fears in perspective: Failure is not the worst outcome, mediocrity is.


Do you think social entrepreneurs are starting to open up about their mistakes and what might have gone wrong in their endeavours? 






  1. Alive Whatever

    Alive Whatever 08/19/2013 10:27 a.m. #

    My biggest failure has been to stop thinking there's a super supportive network of people that exist on the streets and to create that using steady steady steady effort instead of waiting for someone who gets how to be a real psychological being.





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