Weekend Readings January 25th

Last update on 二月 8, 2013.

Weekend Readings January 25th

We all know how the weekday drill goes: too much work, no time to read. We've therefore prepared a round up of our favourite reads this week on social innovation and social entrepreneurship. 

Defining social entrepreneurship:
No one really seems to agree what social entrepreneurship really is. The BC Centre for Social Enterprise has tried to round up some of the best definitions. Is your enterprise a social enterprise? 

The choice of a business model:
One of the interesting point of the definition of social enterprise is the choice of business model. Because social entrepreneurs face unique challenges, the choice of an adequate business model which will allow them to maximize social impact is key. Here's a link to a presentation given by Alexander Osterwalder from Business Model Generation on Business Models Beyond Profit (ok this one dates back to 2009).

The President of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, in What Capitalism Can't Fix, argues non-profits shouldn't try to emulate businesses. Do you agree? Because these guys are telling you why would you (turn a charity into a business).

Impact Investing:
With Impact Investing to "Hit $9 billion in 2013', it is clear that social enterprise is gaining in popularity. Harvard Business Review even predicts that Social Impact Investing Will Be the New Venture Capital. Say what?

Social intrapreneurship, the alternative?
Social entrepreneurship isn't the only way to change the world. Ashoka, in How to Change the World and Still Par Your Bills, argues that for those who's vocation isn't to be an entrepreneur, intrapreneurship might be another way to go. And we agree! Changing an organization from the inside can have huge impact and can offer plenty challenge for someone who's up for it.

Innovative Green Stories in 2013:
With so many stories of things going wrong on the planet, I find it great to see How Green Tech got a Second Wind in 2013. Venture Beat put a list of some of the great inventions and innovations of 2013. 

Happy Readings! And have a lovely weekend











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