Launching the Moniba at InnovAfrica

Last update on 七月 8, 2013.

Launching the Moniba at InnovAfrica

The fourth InnovAfrica Forum was held in Dakar, Senegal from November 26 to 30, 2012. In preparation, Imagination for People and Orange Mali tested the moniba, an innovative training currency, with 50 young Malians. We were pleased to officially launch the moniba and to present its successes at the forum opening. There were 22 training sessions, in all, held over a period of a week.

The moniba is a sustainable solution to unemployment that promotes training and cooperation. With it's week of testing, we are confident that the moniba has the potential to make a significant impact on the employability of young people in the south. Jean-Michel Cornu comments on the “surprising fact that when the currency is properly understood, it can be a powerful tool to encourage positive behaviours in societies and promote exchange in certain areas (in a territory, within a community, in a particular sector like culture, education or the environment, for example).

The week of testing also allowed us to determine what we had to improve to better adapt it to the realities of the south. To our great pleasure, Moussa Samoura, one of the young people who participated in the moniba testing, had taken the initiative to go right to Dakar to represent the community of testers. As a result, forum participants were able to hear directly from a user about how the moniba experience went.

The idea of the moniba appeared in 2009 at the first InnovAfrica forum in Bamako in Mali. It helped facilitate training exchanges while providing access to professional training courses for those who do not have the financial resources. The currency has two parts. First, a person trained with a task that a friend or neighbour considers useful, transfers a Moniba via cell phone and voice server. Everyone starts at zero, so it is easy to go into the negative, but once trained, each person can then train someone else. Second, governments and aid agencies can use the moniba to identify the best candidates in order to award them bursaries and in this way allow those who do not have the means to access initial training or officially-recognized content.

Someone who does not have a moniba balance can both be inactive or have trained a lot of people (and earned a lot of moniba) and have been trained many times (spent a lot of moniba). It is, therefore, not the balance in moniba that is converted to bursary, but particular indicators that reflect the account’s performance. For example, a bursary could be awarded to someone who has given and received 100 monibas from at least 50 different people (through an Imagination for People project sheet).

The moniba and its first uses in Mali were made possible by Anpe du Mali, Orange Lab and Orange Mali. InnovAfrica participants were trained on Orange’s Emerginov platform, which uses the moniba, and can therefore contribute to its development.










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