For a More “Imagin-Active” 2012

Last update on 九月 28, 2012.

2012 dawns under a mix of sun and cloud. The gloom cast by the economic crisis continues to agitate us, making us question our way of doing things. However, despite this, a glimmer of hope shines through—our fear of social phenomena has never so powerfully shown that a great change is possible and that we need to rethink every aspect of life as a community. Imagination for People has, of course, chosen to shed light upon the solutions and the small victories of everyday life. We wish to dedicate, along with you, the essence of this new-year to this explosion of possibilities. Let this year be a year of adventure, exploration, audacity and, above all, of respect for the noble balance that exists among citizens, the public sector and private enterprises—the three main communities that constitute the IP platform. For our part, we promise you a year of accelerated development for Imagination for People, which will be punctuated by the launching of very concrete tools for the mobilization of collective intelligence for the common good. You’ll see the emergence of new tools including the first IP matchmaking tools to find communities likely to “scale” social innovation projects, a complete infrastructure to support collaborative online workgroups (facilitation techniques and visual interface, both of which we hope will be “disruptive”), the first “offline” ecosystem of physical local intermediaries in the form of IP Rhône-Alpes, IP Burkina Faso or IP Québec, making Imagination for People in a “network of networks,” both virtual and territorial, etc. We also promise a large-scale geographic and linguistic emancipation: Africa with the Réseau Correspondants, India with the Digital Empowerment Foundation, in addition to China, where we will be launching our first workgroups and the Arab countries (expect a surprise from this side of the world). In short, this will be a year of rebellious adolescence for IP. It is in this pioneering spirit that we put down the pen to incite emergence and, on behalf of our entire team of co-founders, wish you a very imagin-active 2012. Frank Escoubès Founder of Imagination for People





  1. Cédric Abeck

    Cédric Abeck 02/14/2012 10:01 a.m. #

    This is great to know ! Hoping for a better world and a comeback to the roots (with technologies :) ) !





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