I4P founder on Midi-14h (Noon to 2 p.m.) program

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I4P founder on Midi-14h (Noon to 2 p.m.) program

Following the launch of Montréal Créative dedicated to the City of Montreal, and an extension of Imagination for People’s site, Frank Escoubès was invited to do an interview on Channel M’s Noon to 2 p.m. program in Montreal. Frank Escoubès tells how his vast experience in business, more specifically in management consulting, helped him to elaborate the Imagination for People (I4P) project. His professional path led him to work in clusters, collaboration places in the social universe in order to help social entrepreneurs, organizations and communities who wanted to improve their community.

This concern of promoting collaboration is omnipresent on the platform whether it’s a wiki-style writing tool or presenting projects with the next dynamic “calls for” tool. The latter will allow project initiators to launch calls to the community for equipment, skills or any other need they might have.

The innovative aspect of this collaboration will nevertheless go further. Frank Escoubès says that projects are not categorized according to topic (for example, the environment, culture or urbanism). Decompartmentalizing communities allows project initiators to “make calls for resources that are the most unique and that will not come from a natural logical of discipline”, in this way promoting collaboration between the various milieus.

Among other projects to discover in this interview, there is Moniba, innovative currency for training launched in InnovAfrica in November, as well as the Montreal Creative site and our desire to undertake similar projects in other cities, communities and provinces! You can listen to the full interview on the de Midi-14h’s Web site (in French).

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