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Lauréat du prix Creenso

Последнее обновление 28 сентября 2012 г..

ImaginationforPeople is the recipient of the Creenso award, a national award handed out to the creator of a social business, organized by the IÉSEG NETWORK association and the IMMOCHAN foundation for social enterprise. Sylvain, Guillaume and Simon met on November 14 at Campus IESEG de Paris to take part in the announcement of 3 distinguished projects. This announcement will be carried out by Claude ALPHANDHERY (president of labo de l’ESS, and president of Honneur de France Active and Avise) and Benoît LHEUREUX (President of the IMMOCHAN foundation).

ImaginationforPeople est lauréat du prix Creenso, prix national du ...

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