Hybrid Business Models: A feasible way to do business?

Última atualização 28 de Agosto de 2013.

Hybrid Business Models: A feasible way to do business?

The hybrid business model has been touted as a way to incorporate the best of both the traditional business world and the non-profit sector. It’s a model that shows up frequently in discussions of social enterprise. At first glance, the model seems like the perfect option for a new social project: coupling the desire to do good of the non-profit sector with the ability to make money (and therefore the ability to fund said social project) of the traditional business sector.

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review however, disputes this idea. The hybrid model highlights one of the key problems with social entrepreneurship – how can a new social venture get financing when its idea is so creative that financial institutions cannot visualize a tangible return on investment? It’s a problem that we at I4P are working on fixing (more details soon to come!) but in the mean time check out these great articles on the Skoll World Forum about social ventures that employ a hybrid business model that are beating the odds and succeeding at doing great things! 

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