Announcing new features on Imagination for People

Última atualização 24 de Maio de 2013.

Announcing new features on Imagination for People

Things are moving on Imagination for People !

Improvements and new features have just landed on the I4P platform:

Espace de filtre et de recherche



  • Espace fan You can now add yourself as a fan of your favorite projects and to find them all on your profile. If your part of a project's team, this means it is now much easier to engage the community in your project.



  • All discussions can be found on the general forum, and a discussion may be included to many project sheets or groups. A great way to allow the collaboration of more people within a discussion.


  • Mentions Mail alerts, now cleaner and more frequent, will allow you to follow the discussions you're interested in. A "mentions" (@FirstnameLastname) system allows you to send an email to someone you are mentioning in a discussion and to invite them to join it and contribute.


In June, you can expect the project mapping feature allowing you to locate other initiatives close to you

To participate in the improvement of the platform, please find all relevant information here (French). A big thanks to Alban, Benoit, Guillaume, Freddy, Herve  and Mehdi for the hard work.


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