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Última atualização 28 de Setembro de 2012.

After a long silence linked to the multiple projects in preparation for September, Imagination for People is resuming its frontfacing activitie: - Imagination for People (IP) will be partnering with HEC Montreal for the 2nd annual International Graduate Competition (IGC). IGC is an international case study competition bringing together teams of students from prestigious business schools worldwide. Through the competition, teams take up an organization’s strategic challenges and come up with solutions. Social Innovation will be this year’s theme. - Frank Escoubès, IP’s founder, was featured on the August 10 episode of Radio-Canada’s “Bande à Part” radio show. Frank introduced Imagination for People along with a few innovative projects featured on the platform. You can listen to the interview here. The segment begins at 64:32. - IP also participated in the launch event for the 9th edition of the Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) Summer School in Montreal. IP was introduced in front of an auditorium filled with young engaged citizens, mobilized to put their ideas into action. Added to that, IP is glad to announce that a new set of features will be available the platform this fall… Stay tuned!

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