Weekend Reading February 8th

Last update on 08 febbraio 2013.

Weekend Reading February 8th

The Arab Spring helped us realize the power of social media. Today, it is central to much development work and is used to respond more effectively to crisis situations. Social media allows the emergence of a plurality of discourses. Otherwise ignored voices are now becoming stronger. The African diaspora is using social media to influence development , often raising a strong voice against misguided development projects.


International organizations are recognizing the importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the development of Africa. A joint report of the World Bank and the African Development Bank confirmed that ICTs are revolutionizing development , with innovations contributing to "delivering home-grown solutions, transforming businesses, and driving entrepreneurship and economic growth." Indeed Africa is said to be becoming a leader in the ICTs.


How can we use ICT to make sure local populations have access to information in crisis situations? Our community took a look at what can be done in Mali during the crisis. Some people suggested the use of SERVAL network or pirate boxes. What about you? Any suggestions?


When is the best time to start a social enterprise? Most people put off starting a business until they have gained more work experience. But is right? These guys say that while getting experience might be a good thing, you shouldn't be getting too much. Click here to see why.


What drives innovation? How do you create an environment suited to innovation? In this age of Apple, innovation seems to be on everyone's lips. If Innovators love constraints, then there's no doubt that they love the extra difficulty of being a social entrepreneur!

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