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Last update on 04 luglio 2013.


Right now, AnimFr (fr)  (group of project facilitors, groups and collaborative networks) is coproducing a summary of the arguments that explains the strong points of collaboration as simply as possible. The reasoning (found in Creative Commons) can be reused in different contexts with the goal of touching people who were not aware of collaboration and to let them live an “ irreversible experience in cooperation ” (fr). Come and participate in this discussion by signing up at AnimFr (fr), then read the discussion threads here (fr).


The InnovAfrica (fr) forum (in French only) is co-built in a collaborative way with everyone who wants to be involved. In effect, InnovAfrica is a baseware that hosts several meetings and various institutions. We are open to all kinds of exchanges and partnerships (fr). It is also possible to organize decentralized InnovAfrica workshops for those who cannot make it to Dakar. In these cases, we can try to resolve one of the challenges people face and then propose this solution, this idea, this text or this item to the community. Don’t hesitate to let your creative juices flow (fr)

Launch or facilitate a group !  

Do you also want to create a group or facilitate an existing group? Or promote exchanges on creative social or cross-functional projects that link them in third places themes? Then join groupe animfr , introduce yourself in a few words and describe your project in a few lines. You can also describe your project here.    

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