Putting all local alternative initiatives for a socio-ecological transformation on a map


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Many existing maps across the world have localized thousands of initiatives that try to change the world locally. But those maps are scattered, disconnected, often use proprietary software (google maps). Transformap proposes a process to unify those maps through the existing open infrastructure of Open Street Maps. So one day, you'll be able to see on one single map thousands of alternatives that are making the world better, starting from your neighbourhood!

Quelle est la plus-value sociale du projet ? Éditer

Existing maps of local projects are curated in parallel, multiplying efforts, wasting synergies
We propose to pool our resources and start mapping the socio-ecological transformation TOGETHER and to make it OPEN.
We want to build a pool of common knowledge that can be used by all to start rebooting the world from the bottom-up. Inventorying alternatives on a map may also help scientists and activists to make the case for a real transformation.

Quel est le potentiel de déploiement de cette initiative ? Éditer

The project has started in Germany and Austria but is aiming at spreading throughout Europe and across the world. There is no limit in geographical development as the tools are global from the start.
Transformap will be present where communities get involved.

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The frustration of having to go from map to map, and never getting even 10% of an overview of what alternative initiatives are next door.
The paradox of seeing initiatives that strive for the common good use Google Maps which is a proprietary software that restrict what you can do with your map: eg. you're not allowed to print a Google Map or change its appearance.

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This is a commons-based peer produced project. Grants are seeked to pay for intensive work, but the project mainly aims at being supported by the working contribution of a community of mappers and local change makers.

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