The Midnight Kitchen

Based out of McGill University, we provide free/by donation vegan lunches 5 days a week


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The Midnight Kitchen is a non-profit, volunteer-run collective dedicated to providing affordable, healthy food to as many people as possible. We aim to empower individuals and communities by providing a working alternative to current market-based systems of food collection an distribution. We oppose privatization, corporatization and other processes that actively disempower people by obstructing their access to resources and independence. We will provide education on food issues, both inside and outside of the collective, and provide a space for the exchange of ideas within the community. We recognize that much of the politics surrounding food production and distribution are part of a larger system of oppression. By reclaiming control over the distribution of food in our community we are acting in the pursuit of social and environmental justice and we will support others who share these goals. We will organize and act according to principles of anti-oppression.

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