Comprehensive Protection from Electrocution

An electronic device, small enough to be put on a helmet, capable of detecting the electric field coming from high voltage distribution power lines.


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Thrissur, Kerala
IN Inde
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Student Team: Ramdas M U, AshfaqMuhammed T, Shahin T A, SonuUnnikrishnan K, Sreelakshmi Suresh, Sruthy A

Guides: Dr. SudhaBalagopalan& Mary P Varghese
Institue: Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Kerala

The service done by technicians on distribution power lines has a high risk of accidents. One common dangerous situation, which the technician is exposed to, is when they pass over the minimum security distance.
According to thesurvey report of Kerala State Electricity Board (2009), more than two persons per month lost their life due to electrocution from the overhead power lines.

As upcoming Electrical Engineers we thought on above situation and studied. This project is based on a development study for an electronic device capable of detecting the electric fieldcoming from high voltage distribution power lines.
It is small enough to be installed on security helmets. This way, it can be classified as individual security equipment.


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We wish to make it more comprehensive including more eventualities and including sophistication such that it is easier to use, cheaper and aiming at a situation when even procedural lapses do not result in loss of lives.

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Many power personnel have died by electrocution due to wrong perception on the live nature of lines because of miscommunication.

Just before we chose this project, one of our seniors fell victim and was prosecuted for 2 deaths, one an overseer who got onto the tower under the impression he was working on a line which had never been energized and second, the fireman who climbed up to bring the man down and also got electrocuted.
This senior and our supervisors were insistent that we detect electric field and not magnetic field and we came up with such a circuit.

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