Catch of the Week #3: New books, Social Enterprise World Forum, and a better bicycle!

Dernière mise à jour le 4 octobre 2013.

Catch of the Week #3: New books, Social Enterprise World Forum, and a better bicycle!

Happy October everyone! We have some exciting updates from the world of social entrepreneurship this week.


First up, the Social Enterprise World Forum concludes today in Calgary.


  • This forum takes place annually and brought together 1200 individuals from more than 30 countries to discuss social innovation and different ways we can work to resolve some of todays most complex and confounding social challenges. Check out their website to learn more about what was discussed this year. 


Second, a new book has been published to raise awareness about Africa’s challenges and how they can be helped by social entrepreneurship.


  • The book, The Kochia Chronicles: Systemic Challenges and the Foundations of Social Innovation, is a series of fictional stories designed to raise students’ awareness of social innovation. It seeks to deepen students' awareness of differnt African cultures before they embark upon their social innovation journies. The author, Khanjan Mehta, says, "While facts and figures about Kenya, Cameroon or Haiti are easy to find, a deeper understanding of how things work in developing communities is difficult to attain. The book takes students' minds virtually to Kenya so they can appreciate the difficulties and opportunities of effecting social change." Check it out if you are interested in a unique perspective on social innovation in Africa!


Third, we found a fantastic article in the Guardian that describes the effect of having been named a “social enterprise city.”


  • Is it merely a marketing tool? Will it render the city’s social innovation dependant on future government grants? Should the status of “social enterprise city” be extended to “social enterprise region”? Check out the article and decide for yourself!


And finally, I know I never thought someone could come up with a better bicycle but an innovator from Warsaw has done it! It just goes to show that everything can be improved – a great motto for every social entrepreneur.



Have a great Friday!



The Catch of the Week is a new blog series we will be running here at I4P. Check in every Friday to see the featured projects, articles, events or fun facts that we have chosen from around the platform!

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