Catch of the Week #2: SocEnt Cities, Hult Prize Winners & Happiness

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Catch of the Week #2: SocEnt Cities, Hult Prize Winners & Happiness

This past week was a big one for social entrepreneurship.


The Hult Prize was awarded (and some controversy has followed), the first social enterprise city was announced in the United Kingdom, and we found a great video to help you increase your happiness levels!


This year over 11 000 applicants from more than 150 countries submitted applications for the Hult Prize.


  • The prize awards $1 million to a student group that proposes a project to solve the chosen problem. This year: food security. The pool of applicants was whittled down to 26 students in 6 teams. Projects ranged from innovations to make planting food easier (combining seeds and fertilizer in biodegradable packages for planting), a program to encourage customers to save away money for food to avoid malnutrition due to lack of funds, a program to keep off-specification produce (often discarded for its appearance) in the food supply chain to be sold at more affordable prices to slum dwellers, and a mobile app to aggregate demand and realize bulk pricing for slum dwellers – an initiative that could reduce the cost of produce by 20% for this low-income bracket – among many others. (Check out the full list of projects here and an outline of the case study that inspired the topic here).


  • A team from McGill University in Montréal, Canada, however submitted the winning project – using insects to solve the food security challenges the world faces. The team proposed that insects such as grasshoppers be used as micro-livestock. Insects have far higher levels of protein and around 6 times the amount of iron and calcium as traditional livestock. Currently, these insects are seasonal and hand-harvested. The winning team has proposed a plan to harvest the insects year-round by breeding them and distributing them to slums. Tell us what you think about this in the comments below!


  • The win was marred slightly by an emerging controversy, however. Shortly after the winner was announced another McGill student, Jakub Dzamba, came forward claiming to have been wrongly excluded from the credits for the project. Read more about the controversy here.  


In other news, Bristol and Plymouth have been named the UK’s first social enterprise cities.

  • The designation was based on the fact that these two cities have done the most to encourage citizens to buy from social enterprises and have implemented programs to foster social entrepreneurship. Congratulations to both cities!


And finally, here is a short video that explains one thing that is proven to make people happier. Take a minute to watch it – we guarantee you’ll feel happier afterwards!





The Catch of the Week is a new blog series we will be running here at I4P. Check in every Friday to see the featured projects, articles, events or fun facts that we have chosen from around the platform!

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