We've got a new partner!

Dernière mise à jour le 30 août 2013.

We've got a new partner!

Imagination for People is pleased to announce a partnership with Geeks Gone Global. Geeks Gone Global is an organization that seeks to create real connections with social entrepreneurs through Innovation Excursions. Meeting and engaging with different communities all around the world is one way this fantastic organization fosters social innovation. I4P and Geeks Gone Global share the core values of discovering, connecting, and collaborating to enhance social projects, all while having a great time and meeting different people!

Anyone interested in Geeks Gone Global can check out the GGG group on the I4P platform. Learn about fantastic projects that have participated, meet different social entrepreneurs or community members, share ideas and more through the forums or by browsing the different project sheets. Use the “Geeks Gone Global” tag in the I4P search bar to easily find the Geeks Gone Global projects. Projects are also tagged by trip for easy searching (“East Asia 2013”, “Africa 2014” etc).

We are very excited to be working with Geeks Gone Global and can’t wait to share their amazing initiatives with the I4P community!

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