Collaborative book on monetary innovation “Money, Then What?”

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Collaborative book on monetary innovation “Money, Then What?”

“Money, Then What?” is different than other books. It is one of the rare books that was written collaboratively by 200 people to contribute solutions in order to establish new forms of exchange in the current context of financial and economic crisis.

Indeed, experts on complementary currencies, regional authorities, businesses, banks, innovators, etc. have all contributed to this book. Collective intelligence for the common good – that’s the book’s message. It also provides concrete solutions. Jean-Michel Cornu (who is in the video interview) oversaw the book’s writing as international consultant, scientific director of Fing (Next Generation Internet Foundation) and president of Imagination for People’s Community Support Association.

The book describes:

  • all the functions of money (traditional, complementary, virtual)
  • all the emerging concepts
  • transformations of the notion of value
  • governance of common goods
  • contributions of new technologies
  • ways of living together
  • new means of measurement that provide a fairer vision of value

It explains in detail the innovations and tools that make new forms of exchange and even donations possible, while promoting territorial development and reconciling social and economic.  Internationally-renown specialists like Laurent Gille (Télécom ParisTech), Clarisse Herrenschmidt (CNRS, Collège de France) and Patrick Viveret (economist and philosopher) give us the keys to put the values that we would like to see developed in the world in mechanisms that allow us to exchange and to give.

Biography of the author

Jean-Michel Cornu is also an expert in cooperative work and collective intelligence. He has published many articles and works, like De l’innovation monétaire aux monnaies de l’innovation, (From Monetary Innovation to Currencies of Innovation), FYP Éditions, 2010. 

You can purchase this book here.

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  1. Cédric André

    Cédric André activé 30 oct. 2012 21:30:14 #

    Salut Jean Michel

    Où trouve t on cet ouvrage ? En ligne ?

    Merci de pointer le lien.

    Au plaisir de te croiser

  2. Jean-Michel Cornu

    Jean-Michel Cornu activé 31 oct. 2012 06:20:19 #

    Bonjour Cédric,

    Tu peux le commander dans toutes les bonnes librairies et sur Amazon : (Merci à François d'avoir rajouter le lien dans l'article)


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