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About the project Edit

YourEncore helps companies accelerate innovation by connecting them with retired scientists and engineers to leverage their expertise.
Companies engage with YourEncore to leverage external innovation as a means to accelerate growth. YourEncore Experts specialize in the life sciences, consumer sciences, food sciences, specialty materials, and aerospace and defense industries.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

YourEncore has been in operation since October 1, 2003. The Procter and Gamble Company and Eli Lilly and Company are the initial founding Member Companies. YourEncore was created to tap into a country’s under-utilized asset: the growing number of retired and veteran scientists.

Yourencore operates as a consultancy:
The client Project Leader contacts the YourEncore Account Team to discuss a potential need, to define and develop project scope, success criteria and timeline.
YourEncore utilizes its database to identify and qualify Experts who possess skills and expertise that match the needs of the project.
YourEncore coordinates discussions between the client and Expert to ensure alignment of expectations. YourEncore drafts a complete description of the project – the resulting Statement of Work includes project scope, Expert(s) assigned, success criteria, timing and budget.
YourEncore monitors project progress, collects Expert hours worked and expenses, and handles Expert payroll.

Projects are frequently 2-6 weeks of effort, but can be as short as one day or as long as one year.

Youencore also utilizes a number of online tools in order to make the best use of the senior expertise available throughout almost 6000 experts (2011):

Project Posting - YourEncore's traditional search methods use keywords to search resumes to find the right match for a project need. In many cases, the skill sets clients are looking for aren't found in a resume. Project Posting allows YourEncore to post a need to the Expert Network and prompts Experts to share what skills they have that match the project need.

Project Communities - Some projects will require the use of an online collaboration space within the Innovation Community. Experts may be asked to join a project specific community so they can communicate with multiple project team members and share documents through wikis.

YourEncore Answers - provides the ability for YourEncore Clients to more easily access Experts by allowing them to post questions to communities of Experts. YourEncore Answers is a point-to-point service, meaning that no formal collaboration occurs among the Experts participating or between the Experts and the Client. This is necessary to secure the confidentially and IP protection of this method of accessing Expert knowledge.

Forums - an online meeting place for open discussion. A forum functions much like a bulletin board; users submit postings for the other members of the community to read and discussion ensues.

Wikis - a collection of dynamic web pages that members of the community can create or edit content. Wikis can be used for collaborative sharing and editing of documents, proposals, final reports or other project materials within a secure community.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Yourencore is a unique way to leverage the wealth of expertise available with retirees from various organizations. In a world where senior citizens will represent an everincreasing portion of the population, these incredible assets (memory, knowledge, skills, contacts) should be made accessible in an easy and professionally organized way.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Such a value proposition is relevant in any country and could be replicated and/or expanded in other languages and with other communities of senior citizens. Retirees from corporations, but also government and non profit organizations should be sourced and identified in order to help the development of their respective industries, sectors, clusters, disciplines and areas of concern.

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