Where to Find Cheap Law School Books

Law school is not cheap. Tuition fees are excessive at most schools, and there are additional costs of going to law school.


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Law school is not cheap. Tuition fees are excessive at most schools, and there are additional costs of going to law school. The price of textbooks is outrageous in many cases. Publishing essay writer companies take advantage of students by constantly updating versions and charging high fees for their books. Fortunately, find cheap law school books if you know where to look
Amazon has a wealth of textbooks available. Because there are so many sellers that utilize Amazon, there are "price wars" that tend to move the price of a given book down quickly. Check out the used prices for your required books. If you have time, wait for someone to list the book at a lower-than-usual price. This occurs because a seller is trying to undersell the market and sell a book quickly.
Abebooks buys and sells textbooks. Because of this, it has a large selection available. Take advantage of the wide availability of cheap law school books. An additional advantage of Abebooks is the option of reselling your textbooks back to the site once you are through. Expect to sell them back for about 30 percent of your investment.
Chegg offers unique opportunities for students who are looking for textbooks. Rent your needed book from Chegg instead of buying, or purchase an e-textbook at a discounted rate. Chegg also has traditional textbooks available at cheap prices. Sell your books back to Chegg once you are finished with them and recoup some of your expenses.


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Look through Half.com's large selection of textbooks and find a used version for a cheap price. Sellers use the website heavily, and so there is a large selection to choose from. Half is an eBay company, and there are links provided to books available on eBay. Check and see if your book is available via auction through eBay.

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The price of textbooks is a hidden fee that makes law school more expensive that it appears on the surface. Do not fall into the trap of buying new textbooks. There are many copies of your required books available in used condition, and they are just as a valuable as the overpriced new versions.

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Albris has a large selection of textbooks and fair prices. The company has regular sales and discounts available that lower prices considerably. Take advantage of its free shipping available on many titles.

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