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Mobile video and sound studio for and by First Nations people


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Montréal et au-delà
CA Canada
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The Wapikoni Universe
A project for and by indigenous peoples

In Quebec, the Wapikoni Mobile video and sound studio has been roaming First Nations communities in Quebec for the last seven years. Started by filmmaker Manon Barbeau, the Wapikoni Mobile was cofounded by the Atikamekw Nation Council and the Youth Council of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador.

The objectives of the Wapikoni Mobile are to give young Aboriginal people the chance to express themselves by creating music and videos. Encouraging up-and-coming talent facilitates sharing and communication between young people and contributes to an open outlook on the world. The Wapikoni Mobile gives them the opportunity to learn about themselves, move beyond their surroundings and shine in their communities and in the world.


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