Vancouver Native Housing Society: After School Program

Providing young children an opportunity to engage in a variety of fun, challenging a safe ways to develop self-esteem, a sense of responsibility and life-skills


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The Afterschool Program is an after-school program for Urban Native Children from ages 6-10 years of age. The funding for the initiative came from the Greater Vancouver Urban Aboriginal Strategy.
The After School Special provides tutoring, safety, life-skills and recreation in order to support these children in their community. The daily routine consists of homework assistance, a healthy snack, planned activities and free play.

Our ongoing work with families residing in our housing has highlighted the need for a free after school program that will provide young children an opportunity to engage in a variety of fun, challenging a safe ways to develop self-esteem, a sense of responsibility and life-skills.

The program also contains a mentoring component where the children can form long-term relationships with Elders in their community. The relationships with Elders enable the children to develop a strong sense of cultural pride and belonging. At Vancouver Native Housing we believe these qualities create strong communities. Our long-term goal is to develop safe, healthy, cohesive communities that are sensitive to the culture of all First Nations.

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The After School Program is a FREE school-aged between the ages of 6-10 years of age. The program is located on 1575 East 5th Avenue in the amenity room. The goal of the program is to assist Urban Aboriginal families to stay connected, and supported within their community.

A few of the ways we attempt to achieve this goal is by monthly family potlucks, parent meetings and monthly field trips. Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time, and participate in the monthly outings off site. Staff is constantly communicating with parents for suggestions and feedback. We value the ongoing communication with the families as it maintains an environment in the program that is inclusive and welcoming.

Our daily goal within the center is to create trusting relationships with the children. We offer the children in the program a daily nutritious snack, homework assistance, cultural and recreational activities.

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We respectfully acknowledge the generous financial contributions of the Victoria Foundation for making this program a reality for the children it serves.

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