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Labour community across India is lifting, carrying and moving objects over head since a long time. VAJRA is a simple, low-cost device for them. It distributes load from head to shoulders and solves the complex traumatic problems caused by work drudgery. Also, it is a multipurpose device that can be used for a wide range of jobs.

Raghunath Lohar:

Raghunath is an Aeronautical Engineer and received his qualification from the Ganesh Institue, Chennai. He received an award from the National Innovation Council in 2012. He lives in Kolapur, Maharashtra.

Current Shortcomings: The current prototype is made of sheet metal but subsequent versions should be made of plastic.

Future Plans: Currently I am working in an incubation center to develop VAJRA. The project needs a small seed funding to finalize 1st phase of project and a loan support for the next phase. I am also looking for mentoring by experts in plastics and design registration.

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Inspiration: An incident happened 4 years back that led me to think about the people at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. A woman carrying bricks on her head near my home lost her balance. The bricks damaged her fingers and left her with no work. That prompted me to think of a solution for the drudgery faced by labourers. I came up with Vajra after 4 years of dedicated effort.

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