Highlighting urban cultures and identities through Franco-Brazilian exchanges


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Saint Etienne
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About the project Edit

The big Brazilian cities, notably São Paolo, are visually marked by the existence of favelas. These urban zones are very particular because of their construction and the way Brazilians use them: very straight and steep streets force residents to move differently than they would otherwise on large boulevards. And these unique ways of getting around directly affects the best known of the Brazilian arts: the capoeira.

Saint-Etienne is a city that also has a very strong identity – an industrial identity that it acquired in the 19th and 20th centuries during the glory days of coal mining. However, Saint-Eitenne is not a mining town. A candidate city for culture in 2013, it has a particularly diverse music scene.

The project’s goal is to attempt reveal a specific culture, an urban (?) culture in Saint-Etienne across through a Brazilian urban culture (in an etymological sense).

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The project is unique because of its multidisciplinary dimension. Besides the sociological purpose of the approach, the ultimate goal is to create lasting bonds between Saint-Etienne and São Paolo. It will be to create a Saint-Etienne/São Paolo show that combines the urban cultures of the two countries: dance and music.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This exchange could help those who participate to discover new horizons. To create cultural links (from the start) between the various communities of the two countries and why not allow for physical exchanges between the two cities?

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

First, personal interests is the motivation behind this project. I have been dancing for many years and am naturally attracted to capoeira. As well, I have always had a great interest in anything Brazil. Finally, music has an important place in my life, in my circle.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

The ideal would be to create an association that would first organize digital exchanges between the two countries and that could be largely supported by institutional funding.

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