T&C is a service that makes inter-city carpooling more spontaneous, for easier access.


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About the project Edit

The T&C project is an example of a practice that has been around for centuries. This practice of carpooling calls for spontaneity, mutual trust, mutual assistance, solidarity and not-fearing others.
T&C is aware that this may exclude some people, but T&C is here to make it easier for other people ... And maybe over time, sceptics will one day use T&C.
T&C is a service that is being provided to facilitate inter-City carpooling. It connects drivers and passengers.
T&C does not wish to take away the spontaneity, fate and trust, which are part of its carpooling charm. That is why this service does not require subscription or record-keeping to be secure. "On the road again" a feeling of freedom emanates from this service.
T&C wants the use of hitchhiking to spread as a means of alternative transportation. It also gives everyone the chance to regain possession of their time, not in terms of planning out their days like a minister, but taking the time to wait, think and look at the landscape (whether it's urban or rural). Time, it's all we have.
T&C is more than just a philosophy, it is above all, a useful service that is becoming more and more needed. Between the price of a barrel of oil, which continues to increase and the high costs of long distance transportation (bus line, train, ...) - the economic crisis is forcing everyone to tighten their wallets... T&C makes it possible to share transportation in a way that shows concern for the environment, economy and society.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

This project embraces a principle that has existed since human beings began to use vehicles as a means of transportation, i.e. carpooling. T&C is bringing innovation to this ancient principle thanks to the many different ways available today to communicate between carpool users (drivers-/passengers).
To access fast and efficient service, T&C uses both digital transport terminals, display boards, carpooling stations, and ICT's (internet, GPS,...) in order to foster a relationship between the different users.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This project makes it possible for people, who would not normally participate in meetings and exchanges, to take part in them. In addition to providing solutions to the problems related to transportation and pollution, T&C's mission is to try to develop trust and mutual support within our society, which is something that is difficult given that there is tendency within our society to lean towards distrust and fear.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Solidarity and mutual aid are not new concepts for humans. It is by cooperating that this concept could evolve and adapt to its changing environment. The practice of carpooling for everyday commuting is used all over the world. It is mainly in the "developed world" where everyone has a car, something that tends to be overlooked. In fact, the pace that we live our lives does not give us a chance to think about what direction we are moving. This is why T&C offers an efficient and spontaneous system that is better suited to the lifestyle of developed countries. This system can be implemented within all areas wishing to develop a joint transportation system between cities.

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