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Travelling job dating site in a train that travels to 11 cities in France


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About the project Edit

The Pôle emploi train and its stops provide local people with training, employment, and training placement offers on a national and regional level. The offers available depend on the local labour pools serviced by the train and the businesses contacted ahead of time by Pôle emploi.

The businesses present at the 11 city train stops in 2012:
Micro-enterprises, small and medium enterprises, and large corporate groups responded and will be present at the 11 city train stations: O2, Mr Bricolage, Acticall, Flunch, Axa, Carglass, Securitas, Bouygues, EDF, Batigère, Sage, Scoop, La Caisse d’Epargne, Autogrill, RATP, Crédit Mutuel, etc.

Job dating sessions are planned at the stops for various job industries: transportation, construction, sales, IT, logistics, banking and insurance, customer service, hotel-restaurant, green growth and energy, etc.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

-Facilitates meetings with prospective employers
-Allows people to discover the trades and industries currently recruiting
-Helps reinforce the social link between citizens and employment stakeholders
-Provides advice to optimize job searches
-Develops the community and the network of international employment stakeholders

What is the social value of this project? Edit

The results of Pôle emploi’s 2011 operation at the 11 stops:
24 565 job dating interviews (recruitment on board the Pôle emploi car); 8990 interviews (career counselling, selection of CVs for an on-the-spot meeting with on-site recruiters); 4 770 candidates selected as a result of these interviews. A total of 350 positions were filled following this recruitment (calculated in May 2011, permanent positions or temporary contracts of 6 months or more). More than 180 businesses and more than 70 small and medium enterprises.

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