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About the project Edit

The Future I Choose is a project brought to you by radical think tank: Think Act Vote (?!X) that brings together citizenship, sustainability, digital, creativity and culture. A space online where how you dream the world and how you see it come together. A place where all of us can share inspiration and be inspired.

The Future I Choose asks you a simple question. It’s not a question you get asked very often but one that we all have an answer to when we stop to think about it. What’s the Future you choose?

We live in a world where we sometimes expect the decisions about our future to be made for us. We are constantly fed so much information by the media and our politicians that we forget that we can create our future. We express the future that we choose through how we spend our money, time and energy. Every day we make choices that shape our world.

If it was up to you to create the world that you want to live in, what would it be? We think it’s important to sometimes stop and dream, imagine the possible, and take a moment to inspire others and ourselves. Only from understanding what it is we want, can we begin to create it. We are asking people across the world to share their vision of the future, and we would love for you to take part.

The Context:
The Future I Choose was set up voluntarily in the run up to the 2010 UK General Election, the year marked the start of a new decade where our individual actions are more important than ever. The British Election showed us that in our changing world, there is a need for us to not leave politics up to the politicians but that we have to be aware of how our individual actions shape our world. The threats of Climate Change and show us that we have to take action collectively across the world. It's a 'Rock the Vote' for personal agency, politics with a small 'p' if you like, focusing on the future we choose (and can create) through the daily decisions we make. Think Act Vote exists to create a community around our relationship with our global citizenship and the choices we make for our future.
“Making Politics Fashionable” Marie Claire
The Story: We kicked-off with a competition to design the perfect campaign t-shirt. Judged by a panel of some of ethical fashion’s best-known faces, including Katharine Hamnett and Cyndi Rhoades, as well as “queen of cool” Daisy de Villeneuve, the winning design was printed onto Earth Positive t-shirts.
Leading eco designers Junky Styling, Ada Zanditon, Beautiful Soul, Ciel, Tara Starlet, Traid Remade, Nancy Dee and Miksani were challenged to remake the t-shirt, using only left over fabric from their current collection.
We then took the project out on the road trying to engage as many people as possible online, and through events and music festivals. There were two ways of getting involved. Either by answering our question or by taking part in our photobooth, where you could be photographed in one of our t-shirts or dresses.
We built a ballot box so that you could vote with your vision of the future that you choose. The campaign “The Future I Choose” was launched in March 2010, and has already had an impressive impact. There were over 20,000 unique hits on the website in the first three months as well as a growing community on Facebook and Twitter following.
Think Act Vote has been written about over 50 times including features in Dazed & Confused, Marie Claire, Treehugger, The Big Issue and Harper’s Baazar.
The movement of the campaign has been organic. It has and will continue to motivate individuals to consult their own feelings, start a dialogue and thereby start the sequence of events by which they take the steps to shape their world.


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What is the social value of this project? Edit

* To inspire people to connect with their personal agency and start living in a way that works towards creating a better world.
* To create confidence in individuals and empower them to create the future that they choose for the themselves, their local community and the world.
* To change our relationship with the political, reclaim “vote” as something that we take part in on a daily basis that is an expression of what we want, not something for politicians to take from us.
* To be an accessible first step for people to express their thoughts and feelings when it comes to our affect on the world, and act as a stepping stone into issue based or political activism.
* To remind people that this activism can be fun and to speak in a language that is simple, clear and understandable to all.
* To explore the idea that people that no matter who we are, when we take away cultural, social, economic and physical boundaries have a shared positive vision of the world we would like to live in.
* To fuse together the worlds of living and activism, integrating citizenship, sustainability, creativity and culture.
* To educate, inspire and listen to people, building stronger communities and happier global citizens.
* To bring together various ideas, campaigns, organisations and more from all over the Internet and create an invaluable hub.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

We have so many plans....there is the online space, the app, the book, the events, the interviews, the festival, the education programme...

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