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About the project Edit is a new web and iphone application from California-based Health Analytic Services that aims to help users track virtually everything that has an effect on their health. It is a free, anonymous service that provides easy-to-use tools with a calendar format to help users track a wide variety of health-related topics. Trackers are available for more factors like exercise, diet and medicines, but also job satisfaction, mood, sleep and TV watching—all together, the list currently includes nearly 30 aspects of health that can be tracked online.

<br>Users decide how often and how much detail to enter on each area they're tracking, and they can record it in multiple ways—numerically, textually or with photographs. Using they can record their exercise by time, score, distance, or rate of perceived exertion, for example; they can also use a cell phone to snap photos of their workout, the sandwich they ate for lunch, or their expanding pregnant belly. All that information can then be used to set goals or identify areas for improvement, and users can create single- or cross-category reports to share with their doctor, nutritionist, fitness trainer or others.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit is a creative Web application designed to keep people motivated to make positive changes by helping them, with simple tools, to track their progress. was named “Best New Application” at the 2008 Health 2.0 Conference.

What is the social value of this project? Edit simplifies the task of tracking your nutrition, fitness, and medication data; and understanding the bigger picture of users’ health. Ultimately, aims to reveal how different aspects of health interrelate, such as how exercise affects sleep or diet affects mood, providing a big-picture window on wellness.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Currently, supports only US-based users but it could certainly be launched in another close country.

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