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About the project Edit

To help families in very precarious situations, nine people from different families with the skills and knowledge (ability to find employment, legal aid, foreign language, money management, writing resumes, using digital devices) come together to seek solutions for the tenth family. Helping families live near the family (that is in a fragile situation), use a tool called solidariciel, which allows them to create a network, share and exchange knowledge, manage the availability of volunteers and share with everyone their experiences of solidarity. Families meet monthly to organize efforts and to review the situation. The association ensures that the families are looked after - by mail, telephone and through solidariciel (personal message system, scheduling, solidarity-based actions) - for the duration of their involvement.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

This experience is innovative in its ability to create networks of families and to facilitate this support through ICT. Recently, the association launched the Tutor plus project, which is an extension of this system, a social network put in place for mentoring young people with difficulty (academic, educational, social,...) by groups of resource-family volunteers.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This solution has the potential to develop mutual solidarity actions. It enables the creation of synergies, at the local level through the Internet, among families wanting to share their knowledge with families in difficulty, family groups and partner associations. This project also cultivates a relationship among helping families through the creation of a national network of knowledge for sharing and exchanging solidarity initiatives in order to fight against the exclusion and breakdown of the social fabric.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Solidariciel's influence is known beyond national borders: one of the main associations in Quebec, the ICEA (Institut Canadien pour l’Education des Adultes), which fights against illiteracy, has opted to use the software. There is also the possibility of providing this resource free of charge to
other associations. On the other hand, Pierre Levy, a researcher at the University of Ottawa has partnered with dixiè to put into practice, at the international level, his new Metalanguage IEML (Information Economy Meta Language).
Developed before the social networking boom, the adaptation of this concept is now expected to produce a solution that is much more powerful in terms of social impact.

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