The Tamatam Project: sound travel in Europe

Creating sounds around European identities in different parts of Europe and concrete initiatives put in place by and for inhabitants


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In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

It is interesting for us to promote openness towards others by listening to the "sound identities" of different regions in Europe and "initiatives" put in place for and by inhabitants.

Two objectives are linked to this project:
- Promoting European understanding and interculturality
- Encouraging the development of European identity and integration

----------------------------------------- 57 seconds -----------------------------------------

Gathering the raw emotion of the moment. The challenge is to provoke the listener’s sense listening to this short production. Abstration to bring value to sounds.

Extracting the identity of a place, a moment in European life that is intentionally brief and raw to capture the essential. The “57’s” are the support for the awakening of the art of creating sound.

----------------------------------------- Citizen Initiatives -----------------------------------------

From testimonials, sounds productions look to concretely describe the initiative’s "how to" by bringing out the energy and emotions of those who are committed by transforming their ideals into action.

Creating work looks to better understand cultural dynamics to direct action; in other words, doing yourself with others. How do these alternative initiatives that are a little all over the place create a connection between people?
- Social and organizational innovation: complementary currencies, investor’s club (cicadas, garrigues, etc.), local system of exchange, barter, free zone, popular eduation for action, professional cooperative organization, etc.

- Habitats, energy and displacement: participatory grouped habitat, alternative displacements, shared energy, bike repair workshop, alternative courier, other travel, walking bus, etc.
- Food and consumption: permaculture, AMAP, urban agriculture, shared gardens, recycling, clothing, fair trade, non-consumption, creations around cultural diversity, ambition of cultural torchbearers.
Give a voice to those who practice new ways of exchanging, consuming, working, living, raising children, investing in the city, living simply…

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Sound allows us to overcome language barriers and seems to be an ideal medium to bring out the emotions of a meeting.
Each territory, each moment has a sound identity built from the space, land and inhabitants. What are my representations of Europe’s sound universes? What does sound mean to me? Which of the sounds captured here or there in Europe inspire me?
Allowing children to build their European citizenship: discovering Europe, strange and foreign, to better understand, better communicate. Being a citizen is also (re)learning the other to better understand yourself and get involved.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Collaboration is the core of alternative initiatives. Our sound productions allow European collaboration stakeholders to network modestly.

- Creating free listening on this blog and broadcasting them online thanks to CC licencing.
- Regularly broadcasting on Eur@dioNantes
- Broadcasting in information letters of Nantes’ Maison de l’Europe.
- School-aged children in French who participate in questioning sounds and pushing the thinking beyond our adult perspective.
- Networking sites and people through Web address, links and comments.
- Events to talk about these testimonials along the way.
- Many others things still for us to create!

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The "Europe for Citizens 2007-2013" proposed to the European Commission aims notably to strengthen the European integration process by building citizenship. The Commission promotes the involvement of European citizens to building a Europe that is “always close”.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

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