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About the project Edit

Because dance is a universal language that is profoundly revealing of the self and of the Other
Because dance is accessible regardless of body, age or path
Because we are never the same after a journey, because we have been moved, because we open ourselves to other stories
This project was born.

It is made tangible by creating a link around dance and world music that strives to promote openness towards cultures and traditions, as well as personal growth and meeting around dance through the lens of their artistic creation.

A documented “wise” place that is not content with providing dance steps, but instead, a depth and gateway to culture.

A warm and friendly place that is transgenerational and accessible.

The project supported by two structures:

1. The Snake That Dances Association currently housed at Le Centre des Arts et du Geste “Souffle d’Iroise” in Brest. Activities there include dance and world music, daily workshops, internships or festivals, a show, as well as tea and dance ball in the Brest region on the weekend. These voluntary activities (shows at the hospitals, classes in prison, geared towards “forgotten” publics) are not looking to become profitable.

2. A SCOP (a creation planned for the first quarter of 2013) with commercial activities to contribute financially to the project, consists of a costume shop and world dance accessories (local production or promoting fair trade, promoting environmentally responsible products), as well as a tea lounge/fast food restaurant (local production or promoting fair trade, promoting environmentally responsible products). This last activity has a social function to encourage exchanges and/or discoveries, as well as a friendlier gateway to the heart of the project.

The two parts are intimately linked: one that brings meaning and strong values to the other and the other that brings the necessary foundation to the life of the first.

In an attempt to create an economy for people and not the reverse, the structure created to support commercial activities will be a strong part of the project’s sustainable, responsible and solidarity development.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The choice for a small association and small business to base their company’s values and way of working on collaboration, the social and the environment is not very common, but if we succeed, we will be showing what it is not because we are small enough that we cannot do anything or get involved to make the economy work any other way.

The Snake That Dances project is currently working on its charter which will focus on social, economic and environmental aspects in particular. A link to the Charter is in the references section at the bottom of this page.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

In the way that employees are paid and in its business model, people, their creativity and their autonomy are valorized.

Through its objective and openness to all publics, it aims to help people travel and expand their cultural horizons. Dance is a universal language and a better knowledge of different cultures is the path towards more tolerance and understanding.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

In October 2012, the Brest public discovered Mongolian dance and the Chinese peacock dance – two dances on the intangible cultural heritage list that are in danger. This heritage is the “crucible of cultural diversity and guardian of sustainable development”, as underlined in UNESCO’s 1989 recommendation to save traditional and popular culture and by the 2002 Istanbul Declaration.

Multiply these initiatives, encourage foreign dancers working towards cultural openness and discovery, making people aware of the importance of intangible cultural heritage and protecting it, especially among the young generations.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The desire to create a responsible and human company and the passion for dance are made tangible in this project.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Cultural activities are difficult to finance, especially on a small scale. Here, the project is supported by two structures, an association that is a strong force and a SCOP that brings the financial contribution necessary to launch this, and more freedom in its implementation.


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