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Providing support for cultural and socio-cultural projects through skill sharing


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About the project Edit

LES VOLEURS is a voluntary association.

Its goal:
Emergence, evaluation, and launching of cultural and socio-cultural projects.
We use skill bartering to achieve these goals.
Our main goal is to create a network of project leaders.

The concept:
Project leaders offer their skills, either professional or related, to projects. In exchange, they receive access to the skills they are lacking through the contributions of other project developers.
The role of LES VOLEURS is to provide a structure for skill sharing and to ensure that these exchanges are fair and profitable for all.

Our involvement takes various forms:
-Les Voleurs cocktails
-Skill sharing
-Supporting project leaders
-Projects led by the Voleurs team (B.I.P./Passerelles, etc.)
-Les Voleurs events called The Débauchés

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The unique character of the Voleurs project is encapsulated in its mission. Our goal is to facilitate the realization of cultural and socio-cultural projects through skill bartering. This enables project leaders to break out of their isolation. It also provides new outlets for every project by escaping traditional cultural marketing channels and recurrent funding issues.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This project allows project leaders to find the resources and skills necessary to accomplish their projects, regardless of their financial means and existing networks. By soliciting every person’s concrete involvement in the common realization of their own projects and those of other Voleurs, we are helping every person to increase their skills, confidence, and turn ideas into reality.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

The association’s potential for expansion depends directly on the proposed projects, whether they be external projects or projects led by members of the association. The association is organized into 6 areas: Live performance; music; film/audio-visual; fine arts; social; literature. These areas allow projects to be categorized into cultural sectors. Each area is led by individuals, skilled and specialized in their respective fields. Geographically, the association’s head office is located in Paris and the majority of its office members live in the city. There are branches in other regions such as, Montpellier and Bayonne, and our goal is to extend our network over the entire country through these regional branches. Nevertheless, the location of the association does not determine its scope of action. We are leading the projects within their respective regions, whether they are in Paris, in the provinces, and even abroad. In addition, through internal projects led by association members especially, BIP and Passarelles, we aim to increase our area of action in order to develop projects not only in the local region, but also beyond our borders. Considering the other existing structure (associations and institutions) and the large number of professionals specialized in cultural and socio-cultural support, the goal of Voleurs is to be identified and recognized by these different stakeholders. This way, we can offer our skills and resources to these actors, and conversely, solicit their help when necessary.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The Voleurs concept is not a product of idealistic imagination. LES VOLEURS was built little by little through professional experience, success, and failure. It was born out of discussion, many discussions, between our team and “members” from various trades. Charlotte Leplaideur, began this project as a solo venture. As a result of her experience, and the successes and difficulties she encountered, she made the following realization, “In order to pursue my personal projects in a more intelligent and relaxed manner, I need to discuss my ideas, gather opinions, and collaborate. There are skills that I am lacking to achieve my goals. In order to stimulate my ideas, it is important to get involved when others are in need. It is an enriching experience and will help me break the inherent solitude of creating. After all, even if we have a network of colleagues, friends, and family, sometimes we end up going around in circles and keep running into the same problems. The source of these issues is often the lack of opportunities, division of cultural and socio-culture sectors. We are limited within our respective fields of action ad we often have difficulty moving away from labels dictated by current cultural politics. We certainly require these labels and fields however, but can’t we return to a simple system of listening and mutual aid, combining different methods and applying them in new ways? New-comers, dreamers, amateurs, and professionals alike.”

LES VOLEURS is therefore based on this concept of exchange— but not just any kind of exchange. LES VOLEURS is not a digital platform, though we recognize their benefit and results.

We aim to promote direct exchanges—in person—support for projects and a space for discussion are essential for creation. We want creators to feel that they are being listened to, supported, and accompanied along the way.
The VOLEURS team embodies these values and continues evolve toward them. We hope to represent the workers closest to the issues, able to meet with project leaders.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

At present, the project depends on member support. Our two current main lines of action are to identify sources of private and public funding and develop an original and sustainable business model.

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