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About the project Edit

Benefiting from a rich history, the QI (Quartier de l'Innovation) territory continues to welcome many key players in the Montreal culture scene, with space for arts venues, galleries and studios. The QI’s Laboratory of Urban Culture will marry this effervescent spirit with academic expertise in the arts to create opportunities for exchange between artists, professors, students and local residents.

The project is led by Will Straw, Professor, Department of Art History and Communications Studies, McGill.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The Laboratory will be set up in a space suitable for collaborative research projects, exhibits, events, artists’ workshops and community organizations.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Concretly, this laboratory will aim to:

- marshal McGill’s strengths in arts and social sciences and take them directly into a community setting;
- provide a point of ongoing contact and collaboration between McGill/ÉTS and arts/culture communities, building the basis for further innovative endeavors;
- offer a space in which the various dispersed cultural activities in Griffintown might find some common ground, overcoming the fragmentation that many residents see as a key weakness of the area;
- host evening events (lectures, exhibitions) to overcome the common divide between a daytime population that leaves the area and the nighttime, culturally oriented population that has no interaction with the QI.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

A first phase, the PopUp Lab, would be deployed in an historic, reclaimed Church on Richmond Street called Salon 1861 which is being developed by one of our private partners, Quo Vadis.

This project will reunite multidisciplinary partners including residents, NPO’s, students from Arts, Music, Urban Planning, Agriculture, Religious Studies and Management in the social economy to better serve the local community and create a unique site.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

What is the business model of this project? Edit

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