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Incentivizing positive behaviour in inmates


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About the project Edit Program, conceived by prisoners and non-custody staff, has been operating since 2000 on "A" Facility at California State Prison-Los Angeles County (CSP-LAC). Based on the principle of incentivizing positive behavior and holding individuals accountable for their actions, the purpose of the Honor Program is to create an atmosphere of safety, respect, and cooperation, so that prisoners can do their time in peace, while working on specific self-improvement and rehabilitative goals and projects which benefit the community. Prisoners wishing to apply for the program must commit to abstinence from drugs, gangs, and violence, and must be willing to live and work with fellow prisoners of any race. In its first year of operations, there was an 88% decrease in incidents involving weapons and an 85% decrease in violent incidents overall on "A" Facility; the Honor Program saved the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) over $200,000 during the first year alone in costs related to the management of violent and disruptive behavior. In its six years of operation, it has saved the California taxpayerhundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars i love you

The program addresses the extreme lacking in rehabilitation programs provided by the State of California. Ability to participate in the programs created by the Honor Program is a great incentive for positive behaviour.

** The future of The Honor Program is currently uncertain due to budget cuts and prison closures. Please visit to find out how you can help!

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Creating a sense of community in a prison is a great way to decrease rates of violence, help with rehabilitation and save tax payers money. The inclusion of the input of inmates in the program is also a great way to ensure its success.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

The project helps reduce the likelihood of repeat offences as well as reducing violence within the prison which in turn reduces the taxpayer dollars that is spent on incarceration facilities.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Systems like this one could be implemented in low and medium security facilities around the world with the potential for implementation in high security prisons as well.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

High incidences of violence triggered a discussion of possible solutions. The solution proposed by inmates and non-custody staff was the Honour Program!

What is the business model of this project? Edit

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