Temporary Public Digital Space for associations

Material + multimedia animators + themes on social events


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Saint-Étienne, Loire (42)
FR France
Web http://zoomacom.org/2011/11/24/installation-dun-espace-public-numerique-temporaire-pour-les-associations/


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On November 16 at the request of the City of Saint-Étienne, Fall Social Meetings took place with the theme “Associations Facing New Digital Practices”.

Represented by multimedia animators of several organizations in Loire, DDCS, BIJ St-Chamond, the Beaulieu Social Centre, AGEF, the Quartier de Solaure Centre, Alolise, Zoomacom, the Ratice Loire Association hosted a temporary Public Digital Space (PDS) launched by Zoomacom, centre for digital resources in the metropolis of St-Étienne.

The City of St-Étienne wanted a PDS for world associations which was organized into 3 spaces: Administration, Communication and Online Services to present and initiate free software use for associations.


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All events regarding world associations, social economy, solidarity or social innovation had a dedicated space to welcome the public. PDS is deployed through a structure or collective that can mobilize material (laptops, connectors, Internet connection) and multimedia animators.

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