TEDx in a Box

Toolset to organize and host TEDx conferences in low-tech environments


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The TEDx in a Box project is an initiative by IDEO.org. TEDx in a Box is a all-included box of tools that allow people with little to no access to technology to organize, host, webcast and record a TEDx conference.

TEDx conferences are independently organized conference events licensed by TED who aim at sharing "ideas worth spreading".

All contents in the suitcase are color coded and labeled with symbology corresponding to the simple visual instructions in a quickstart guide. The TEDx in a Box also contains an overheard projector, a PA system, DVD player, battery, inverter, two camcorders, a power strip, an SD card, and a tripod.

Because the TEDx in Box is used in many areas with limited access to electricity, the electronics in the kit can be operated by AC or DC power (for example, using power supplied by an automobile). The TEDx in a Box also contains a powerful battery so that the kit can be used completely off the grid.

As of 2012, the TEDx in a Box has been used in Kenya, Venezuela and India.


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This project gives communities with little to no access to technology the opportunity to organize and broadcast conference events that promote the sharing of ideas.

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