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The Organization
The longest running youth centre in BC, L.E.E.S. Spark Youth Centre provides government funded life skills and employment skills programs for youth at risk. The programs are designed to help youth transition into adult life and integrate into the workforce. Centre activities include life skills classes, computers, cooking classes, musical instruments and bands, shows and dances. The drop-in facilities include a pool table, Wii, drums, guitar and bass, plus a computer for internet use and a full kitchen with snacks provided!

The Social Enterprise
The used book and music store sells new and used books, music CDs, and DVDs to people in the community. There is no other music store or bookstore in the area.

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• “I’m not going to lie, honesty is my best trait. I noticed the money opportunity first, that was my intention ... until the program showed me its light - now I’m in it not just for the money but the opportunity to achieve greatness! I have faith in myself now!” (N.R.G., age 19)
• “We are up & running ... busy with tourists in the summer - they just love it - slow with locals buying but they love to bring their gently used books to us. So it needs some work, mainly marketing. We have a youth that works in the store and she has done a great job. It is really nicely displayed and very professional looking.” (Bev Middlebrook, Executive Director, 2011)

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Spark received $6,000 from Enterprising Non-Profits (enp) in 2010 to help them develop a marketing plan for the book and music store at the youth centre.


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