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Décor sonore (Sound Design) collects the disappearing sounds from the past


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Directed by composer Michel Risse, the Décor Sonore company is a unique composition and production tool for creating sound in open spaces.

Specifically, Don du Son (sound donation) was created in 2006 as a non-governmental organization supported by the European Minister of Environmental Noise. Its goal was to help share and improve environmental noise by creating a large sound bank. Today, The Sound Donation Collections strives to help people discover collected sound objects and sound material.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

During the national Sound Donation collection of 2006, the tour collected close to 300 pieces of sound material in about twenty cities. Today, it is possible to discover this collection thanks to a few special headsets.

As stated on the Décor Sonore website, “Personal, household or professional items, family memories, sounds abandoned, intrusive or on the brink of extinction… sounds moving in their unsuspected richness, hidden musicality, the rapport they have kept with their donors. From the garbage bag (new) to the 2CV Citroën (used) by passing through the aspirin and the dog’s bowl, it’s a whole pathetic inventory, sound observatory of our society, a veritable sound bank”.

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