Solinter: International solidarity in Brest

Collaborative site for international solidarity associations to network and share knowledge


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FR France


About the project Edit

Activities led by associations that support the local community dynamic of international solidarity due to a website of sharing and dialogue accessible to all.


- Provide citizens up-to-date information on Brest associations on international solidarity
- Facilitate cooperative work between international solidarity stakeholders through exchange
- Reinforce the image of Brest as a city of solidarity and openness
- Propose to other BMO (Brest Métropole Océane) communes to get involved with this dynamic locale


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

For six years, the City of Brest has been promoting public writing by supporting associations. About one hundred associations were, therefore, hosted by Association Infini ( Every year, a dozen workshops facilitate learning of online expression in neighbourhood newspapers or audio-video on the Mediablog co-op. After Repè, the participatory site of social activity and integration became involved with 50 association administrators on the site.

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