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Four students of the MSc Operations Management at ESB Business School in Germany are currently working on the topic of “Social Manufacturing”, led by Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Vera Hummel and project coordinator Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Beate Brenner. In the course of the project, the students, Anne Stenger, Laura Scherer, Sebastian Lutz und Abdullah Özdin have to conceive a product give-away with support of various online-communities.

This give-away should use remainders of metal pipes (Ø 28 mm) form the “Logistik-Lern-Fabrik” (logistics learning factory) of ESB Business School. Ideally, the product should be multi-variant, personalised, intelligent and producible by non-experts.

At this point, the team needs help to gather ideas: What sort of product should be produced? Now, it’s the turn of the online community! The product idea will result from the evaluation of suggestions from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

It is not required to submit final concepts; just simple ideas are needed. The remainders of the pipes can be used in any amount at any length and can be combined with other items (for example electric components). The only restraint is that the proposed product should be of handy size. By suggesting your idea, you get the opportunity to see your own idea being realized as a real product. Moreover, the five best ideas will win prizes such as an Amazon voucher and other surprise prizes.

Share your ideas until April 17th on the Facebook-page of the project:

There also is a video explaining the idea contest in more detail:


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