Social Good Week : from September 25 to October 2, 2012

More than 20 events to understand how new technologies make the world a better place


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Social Good Week is a get together dedicated to digital solidarity. More than 20 events across France with themes on “How new technologies change the world”. They suggest discovering these innovations that bring solutions to social and environmental problems and to encourage creating them.

Using social networks to inform people about illnesses, creating applications to fight poverty, building a Website to make education accessible to everyone – digital alliance and social action have already proven beneficial.

We are convinced that democratizing new technologies gives everyone the power to take action, get involved, revolt, be heard – that the reach of digital solidarity is still in its infancy and that it goes back to a hybrid ecosystem of inventing tools and uses that will really change things.

Social Good Week is a unique occasion that brings together this ecosystem, developers, social entrepreneurs, bloggers and activists around a common motivation – Change things now. Take action.

Social Good Week organizers*

*Generated by Mailforgood, Social Good Week is the result of a collective work that unites close to 20 committed partners in digital solidarity.

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What is Social Good Week?
Web, robotics, social networks, data sharing – we can’t stop talking about the limitless possibilities that new technologies give the world. And what if we put this potential in the best world? That’s the goal of Social Good Week – to sow the seeds of solidarity and create links between innovators who have only one goal in mind: to change the world!

Social Good Week 2012 : What a week!

Social Good Week took place from September 25 to October 2 for the first time in France. It was the chance for the digital and solidarity communities to come together around the question of how new technologies can change the world. Inspired by Social Good Week Summit in the States, the idea was simple: to unite solidarity stakeholders through conferences and workshops in order to increase the reach of the Social Good movement in France and allow for new ideas and actions to emerge.

In terms of numbers, the bet seems to have been successful:

- More than 2,000 participants in 25 conferences in more than 10 cities in France
- Several thousand tweets and an overview on trending topics at the inaugural conference
- Dozens of features and articles in the media including: Canal +, Arte, BFM, Le Monde, Le Figaro, 20 Minutes, Radio Classique, France Info, FrenchWeb, Presse Citron, Youphil and more

Social Good Week tried to bring to light in a concrete way how new technologies increase the impact that each of us can have on the world. We’ve talked a lot about online mobilization, the open source movement and obviously participatory funding.

The theme chosen for Social Good Week was not insignificant and it seemed that an answer to the question had emerged: “New technologies can change the world because of the collective”. Crowdfunding, crowdmapping, crowdsinging and crowdsourcing initiatives show us that when everyone acts at their levels, we can participate in changing what we want to see in the world.

- On this momentum so that the Social Good stakeholders in France continue to grow together by attending Social Good Week 2013!


The days are flying by and Social Good Week is getting closer. There are now more than 24 events that you can join to support digital solidarity. Already more than 1,000 attendees have registered for the events, but there are still a few places left! Here are a few Parisian get togethers where you can register:

Le petit-déjeuner "téléphonie solidaire", le 27 septembre à l'appart SFR: Discover the projects that Charles Edouard Vincentre, director of Emmaüs Défi, has put together so that everyone has access to the inclusion and reintegration tool for mobile phones.

La journée Social Good Talents, le 26 septembre à Levallois-Perret: A meeting between business collaborators, students and associations to exchange advice, support and best practices in project development organized by Koeo and Pro Bono Lab.

Le Hacksense, le 29 septembre, à l'Epita: A weekend for hackers, developers, designers to get together and build prototype solutions for social entrepreneurs.

La soirée inaugurale, le 25 septembre à l'université Paris Diderot: An exceptional evening to launch Social Good Week. There are still a few seats available in the overflow room.

There are also still a few places available in a few events in Bordeux, Nantes, Rennes, Strasbourg, Lyon or Lille or Marseille. Here is the complete list

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