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The SE100 is an index developed by the Royal Bank of Scotland to track and rank the social impact of social enterprises in UK.

The top 100 growing social enterprises are listed in the main index and a combined prize fund of £25,000 goes to the best performers by growth, impact and for new comers.

The RBS SE100 index works by collecting information about your business sector, turnover, profitability and social impact, plus information on areas such as the number of employees you have and whether you have benefited from social investment.

The index is free and benefits your organisation and the entire sector by tracking and demonstrating both the growth and impact to investors, partners, policy makers and customers.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

All businesses know their turnovers, but surprisingly few have little evidence to show their social returns. The index will also provide a vital platform for organizations to demonstrate how they measure this, learn more about this area and back up their powerful stories of social and environmental change with facts and figures.

In a world where contracts for essential public services are being tendered and where the fortunes of communities are at stake, it is crucial for businesses to be transparent and rigorous about demonstrating the social, environmental and economic value they create.

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