Saree cutting machine for mat making handlooms

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The objective of our project is to design a machine which would replace the manual method of cutting old sarees into ribbons for weaving mats on handlooms. After brainstorming over various designs and evaluating each of them, we finalized two designs. First was completely human powered and the second one included an electric motor. The prototype machine consists of 3 assemblies: saree rolling assembly, cutter assembly and slider mechanism. A full length saree is wound on bobbin shaft using paddles. Then the circular rotary cutters are used to cut saree into ribbons of equal width. The bobbins can be easily removed after cutting.

Current Shortcomings: As the productivity is directly proportional to number of cutters, maximum productivity will be obtained if we cut all the ribbons at one time. Also the operational time of sliding cutter assembly from one position to next position will be eliminated in this case. Therefore we need a fully electric powered machine with minimum user-end operations to reach maximum productivity. Another area of improvement is in wrapping the sari on the bobbin array. To address this issue, a stretching roller type mechanism has to be developed which can be attached to the machine. Developing a mechanism like thi will reduce the time required for the entire operation and the productivity will increase.

Future plans: A precise manufacturing of our design can develop it into commercially viable product. For that we require some inputs from the manufacturing and design experts. Also a lot of testing needs to be done before installing the machine on field. R&D can be done in the area of measurement and modeling of cutting forces in fabrics.

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Handloom weaving has been identified as a sustainable and remunerative livelihood option for visually challenged people, with proper training. A new product called 'Mats made from old sarees' has been developed by GraminShramikPratishthan, an NGO in Latur district of Maharashtra. This activity has considerable potential to generate employment opportunities and can be replicated in different parts of the country on a larger scale. The process of mat-making begins with folding and cutting sarees into small ribbons. This step is very tedious, time consuming and involves a lot of drudgery. To solve this issue we undertook this project.

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