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J. Santos y Av. 3 de Noviembre, Manabi
EC Ecuador


About the project Edit

Rio Muchacho is an organic farm nestled in a small valley on the coast of Ecuador.

The farm demonstrates a combination of organic agriculture, permaculture, traditional moon cycles, alternative energy, recycling, and reuse.

Visitors come to the farm to just enjoy the peace of the countryside, the local culture, fresh organic food and sustainable living or to do one of the tours or programs offered by the farm. Ecotourism is an important component which helps support the community environmental education and the farm offers fun 1-3 day tours, Spanish courses and cultural exchanges which include a bit of everything.

The farm has an important role in education and three times a year, an intensive one month Permaculture Design course is offered, along with 1-14 day courses for local farmers, students and teachers.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The farm has dedicated reforestation areas, attempting to rejuvenate the badly eroded hillsides of the valley; an animal compost area in integrated design with composting and worm culture areas; forage areas for free-range chickens; a fruit forest and sugar cane inter-crop; pasture/forage areas for the horses and cows; a meditation/yoga garden , with views over the river; and an orchid garden containing reforestation species, forage crops and bee boxes.

The Farm has not only changed physically, but now serves more varied uses, most notably the educational activities which take place on the site, with two specific educational courses for adults who wish to learn about organic agriculture, agroecology, permaculture and biodynamics. Rio Muchacho is also a center of education for locals, in terms of demonstrating good practice and alternative production methods, encouraged through community development work such as the Bee-Keeping project.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Rio Muchacho wants to make a direct, solid and clear contribution to the rejuvenation of our planet.
They want to engage in responsible agricultural activity in order to establish an effective center for the dissemination and practice of the principles of sustainability, agro-ecology, permaculture, and ecotourism.
Theye want to promote the sustainable prosperity of the communities in the region of influence of Río Muchacho Valley, benefiting and involving local families.

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