Information and communication technology (ICT) supporting animation for the remote public and networking tools for social actors.


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About the project Edit

This interactive site was developed by the Brest network of actors on the isolation of people in difficult situations. The communication group in charge of the project was supported by the Internet and Multimedia department of the City of Brest.

A services approach was chosen to respond to the needs of the users and is easily understood by them:

- Access to rights
- Train yourself
- Move
- Access to leisure and culture
- Take care of yourself
- Eat
- Have a roof over your head

For each section, users access a detailed directory of institutions by service.

Institutions and associations each have access to a co-publishing space (texts, photos, videos) of information, projects, news and events that the institutions put online.

Particular attention was paid to training the actors. Fifty people have already been shown how to co-write the site and 115 institutions provided their information including: contact information, activities, opening hours, fields of intervention.

The site also addresses professionals, volunteers and users.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The work led to putting support services online. It had only existed on paper, but was used a lot in Brest. It was a city guide largely distributed, used by professionals and social and health volunteers, and identified institutions dedicated to a public in difficult situations. Information such as organizations’ contact information, opening hours, field of intervention… are indicated. As the guide was very successful when it came out, the desire was, therefore, to be able to take the hard copy of the guide, update it, but also complete the activities section.

However, the site’s unique feature is that is allows various institutions to present not only traditional data, but also various support tools (photos, video, etc.) that they can put online themselves with the support of the City of Brest. That the social service providers can update information themselves adds an interesting dynamic so that each can familiarize themselves with the tools that they don’t usually use and in this way develop new skills.

“Using information support services as an animation and mediation tool for people in difficult situations” is another objective, but also directly concerns those who are vulnerable and isolated.

The co-publishing tool (SPIP type) that professionals and volunteers of the network of actors will use, will also provide a new animation support, activities for people in socially-isolating situations. This other objective is a determining social value for the project. Users will mobilize around this new support and enrich the site, but mostly find a new source of daily motivation in their activities.

Every animation allows people to express themselves by changing the support tools. They can use photos, videos, voice recordings and text to give their opinion on activities that interest them, the road they’ve taken…

By starting from the personal feedback that each user can get out of it, the project has a collective dimension through the sharing of experiences that creates a social connection between people, thereby breaking their isolation.

To summarize, the project’s originality relates to:

- The public concerned and the proposed tools: in its public service mission, the government is developing an ICT project for the public in remote areas who are isolated and very vulnerable.

- Creating a social connection between people in isolation

- Individual and collective expression for people in difficulty

- Developing Internet and multimedia uses in the social sector

- Expanding the network of ICT actors in Brest and the country of Brest to another network, the social sector

In this regard, we must underscore the number of Public Internet Access Points (PIAP) dedicated to a public in difficulty or experiencing major difficulty which continues to grow.

Initiated by the CCAS, certain members among the social isolation group have access to a PIAP and a majority have suggested accompanied Internet access. This tool has in fact been selected and financed in a “cyber commune” call for projects implemented by the regional board.

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What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

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