Réalisations Inc. Montréal

Since 2000, Réalisations has been designing, producing and communicating artistic, museum and commercial event experiences that touch, enchant and surprise


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7275 rue St-Urbain, suite 400 Montréal, Québec H2R 2Y5
CA Canada
Web http://www.realisations.net/


About the project Edit

Réalisations designs, produces and communicates artistic, museum and commercial event experiences that touch, enchant and surprise.

A multidisciplinary team of designers and producers.

Brought to life by a collective of versatile and creative people, our multidisciplinary nature allows us to adapt to a constantly evolving market. Our team generates ideas and are experts of the technological tools that enhance entertainment, communication and the brand experience. This is how we realize the aspirations of our clients and partners.

We generate ideas that touch, enchant and surprise.

Réalisations develops experiences by creating products, services and spaces using technology, branding, interactivity and experiential marketing. Whether planning for huge entertainment complexes like theatres, hotels and casinos, designing sets using cutting-edge technology for interactive installations for prestigious shows or building permanent or temporary event installations, we never lose sight of the user experience. This is what drives our creative process from beginning to end.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Striking creations based on collaboration.

Our services are grouped under the banner of collective creativity in all the forms that creativity can have. Technological monitoring, R&D and collaborating with several universities not only makes us among the most avant-garde in the field, but is recognized by the numerous international awards won in the last ten years. Eliminating the obstacles between culture, art and commerce allows us to design and create extraordinary solutions.

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