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About the project Edit

The Afghan Radio Connect website aims to be your first stop on the way to the 33 Afghan local radio stations’ websites. On the home page you can see quickly locate where each radio station operates and read the latest local news that have been published on all of our partner radio station’s websites.

We hope that once you’ve spent a little time on you will then directly go to and bookmark the websites of the radio stations which interests you.

To be sure to stay in touch with the latest local news from the Afghan Radio Connect network you can subscribe to our RSS feed, as well as get updates on the project by subscribing to our newsletter on the home page.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The Radio Tamhas project has a simple yet unique concept of keeping Aghanistan and the Afghans all over the world informed of each other through its linkages on the Internet. Given the extreme weather vagaries and geographical barriers unique to Afghanistan, the Radio Connect concept is one of the better examples of how the local conditions, both geographical and political in this case, have given a solution that is 'Glocal' (thinking globally acting locally) in its truest sense by taking local content to the global stage and vice-versa. Information dissemination for empowerment is the sole purpose behind this unique idea. This means a place like Daikondi which is 3 hrs away from the capital Kabul can keep the world updated instantly through its community radio station linked to the World Wide Web.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

On each radio’s page you can directly access the personal announcement service (when available) which, for a small fee, will allow you to have your message read by a speaker on your chosen radio’s airwaves.

By using this service you also support the radio sector in Afghanistan, and help the radio stations to inform their communities.
Most of the journalists and technical staff working in the local radios are volunteers dedicating their time and energy to keep their communities informed and entertained. Most of the time it is difficult for the radios to pay for even the most basic needs such as electricity or transportation means to be able to go out on the field to make interviews or write stories.

By donating for the whole Afghan radio sector or for a specific radio, you will help support the local radios to fulfill their role and the courageous men and women who believe in the potential of information to empower their compatriots.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Nai, an organisation supporting open media in Aghanistan and Internews have joined hands to develop this unique concept. There is a provision to subscribe to the RSS feed, as well as get updates on the project by subscribing to the newsletter. The project is sustained by the personal announcement service and donations.

Manthan Award South Asia 2009, Award Winners with special mention, COMMUNITY BROADCASTING CATEGORY

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

Since 2003, Internews and Nai have built 30 radio stations and have jointly trained their staff. Both organizations are natural partners for the local network of local independent stations in Afghanistan and are committed, through the Afghan Radio Connect project, to support them in achieving financial independence.The Afghan Radio Connect project started in January 2007.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

The Afghan Radio Connect project, financed by the European Commission, started in January 2007, and allowed to train the staff of the stations in the use of an internet content management system, to build their websites and to develop the ecommerce platform allowing the payment of personal announcements and to give donations.

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